Learn Spanish with Stories: El extraterrestre XYZ-007 por Paulino

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[two_column_block style=”undefined”] [content1]Hay un extraterrestre.
Se llama XYZ-007.
Tiene cuatro piernas.
Tiene seis brazos.
Tiene tres ojos.
Y tiene una boca.
XYZ-007 vive en Júpiter.
No vive en Marte.
No vive en Saturno.
Vive en Júpiter.
XYZ-007 quiere un iPad.
No hay iPad en Júpiter.
XYZ-007 vuela a la tierra en su nave espacial.
XYZ-007 va a Best Buy. Camina a Best Buy.
No hay iPad en Best Buy.
XYZ-007 va a Walmart. Corre a Walmart.
Hay iPad en Walmart.
XYZ-007 compra un iPad.
Hay un problema.
XYZ-007 tiene hambre ahora.
XYZ-007 come el iPad.

[/content1] [content2]There is an extraterrestrial.
It’s called XYZ-007.
It has four legs.
It has six arms.
It has three eyes.
And it has a mouth.
XYZ-007 lives on Jupiter.
He does not live on Mars.
He does not live on Saturn.
He lives on Jupiter.
XYZ-007 wants an iPad.
There is no iPad on Jupiter.
XYZ-007 flies to Earth in his spaceship.
XYZ-007 goes to Best Buy. He walks to Best Buy.
There is no iPad at Best Buy.
XYZ-007 goes to Walmart. He runs to Walmart.
There is an iPad in Walmart.
XYZ-007 buys an iPad.
There is a problem.
XYZ-007 is hungry now.
XYZ-007 eats the iPad.

[/content2] [/two_column_block]



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