Book an online Spanish session with Paulino

Buy credits.  You can use these credits for online lessons with Paulino.

1-hour Online Group lesson:   One (1) credit
25-minute Online One-On-one Private Lesson:   One (1) credit
55-minute Online One-On-One Private Lesson:  Two (2) credits

I currently have one Intermediate Spanish Group Session that meets 3 or 4 times a month. If you are interested in joining that group contact me at info@learnspanishwithpaulino.com

IN PERSON LESSONS: I am mostly offering online lessons at the moment. If you would like to do in person lessons, contact me first to discuss. See in-person fees belowed, paid them using Venmo (@paulinobrener) or check.

Buy in bulk and save!

$ 20 ONE (1) ONLINE CREDIT ($ 30 one in-person credit)

$ 37 TWO (2) ONLINE CREDITS ($ 52 two in-person credits)

$ 56 THREE (3) ONLINE CREDITS ($ 75 three in-person credits)

$ 75 FOUR (4) ONLINE CREDITS ($ 96 four in-person credits)

$ 170 TEN (10) ONLINE CREDITS ($ 200 ten in-person credits)

Shedule your lessons below

Cancellation Policy

I require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. Please email info@learnspanishwithpaulino.com or TXT to (612) 567-2757 is OK.  I understand that sometimes  emergencies  happen and I won’t charge for those. Please be considerate of my time. Thanks. Gracias.

Online Sessions

For our online sessions we’ll use Zoom.  I will create an online document that you can always access to: see contact information, get link to the Zoom, review class materials, check homework, get links to resources and more.